Arithmetic Help

We are all familiar with ‘My Mini Maths’. Please take advantage of their FREE Youtube channel that tells you exactly how to complete each type of arithmetic question:

All you need to do is to follow this link:

Additionally, if you would like to challenge yourself to more questions in the run up to SATs, here is the link to their website:

Year 6 Mini-Maths

Mr Kay

Happy Easter!

Here is our home learning that we can be completing over Easter. It is really important that we complete each of these tasks so that we continue to progress with our learning.

Each of us has a folder with the tasks in. We should space these tasks out over Easter and revisit them so we don’t forget what we have done.

Create sentences using ISPACE openers. Remember the words or phrases go at the beginning of the sentence. Comment below to earn house points!

Have an EGGcellent Easter!

If you get stuck on any of the home learning or have any questions, please comment on the blog and we can offer support.


Friday 23rd March, 2018

We were crowned Leeds Sumdog Champions this week – Well Done everyone!

A big congratulations to everyone that took part and thanks to all of your efforts in and out of school!

Thank you to those of you who mentioned how useful the blog is; I’ll keep this updated over the Easter holidays with what the children should be doing.

Mr Kay

Friday 16th March

We have entered our class into another Leeds Sumdog competition. Last time, we came second narrowly losing out on first place. We each can answer up to a 1 000 questions. We have until Friday 23rd to do this – good luck everyone!

Alan Peat Sentence Type Challenge:

Two house points per sentence – remember to check spelling and punctuation!

See you next week!


Science Week: Lava Lamps!

During Science week, we made our own lava lamps with friends from our houses: Brikdale, Sunningdale, Turnberry and Wentworth.

Did you enjoy the experiment?

What did you learn? Can you remember any key words/meanings?

Can you remember the steps you took?

How about the ingredients and equipment?

Want to try it yourself? Visit:

New Spellings:

This week’s spellings focus on recapping 10 words you were tested on in class:

  1. discover
  2. mission
  3. loose
  4. sign
  5. country
  6. gymnastics
  7. edible
  8. posture
  9. sleigh
  10. delicious

We shall discuss the next home learning tasks on Monday.

Thursday 1st March – ‘Chilly’ Challenges


Challenge yourself to a descriptive piece of writing:

  1. A short recount from the snow or school’s perspective over the last couple of days. What’s their side of the story? How do they feel?
  2. A setting description of what it looks like out of your window or somewhere close to your home. You could include: adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors or personification. 

Still stuck? Use the Alan Peat sentence types from older posts on the blog to get you started. You could also use iSPACE Openers to start you off:


You have each been set one Reading Eggs assignment.


  1. Last Wednesday, students could choose ham or turkey sandwiches for lunch. The canteen made 72 sandwiches in all, 25% of which were turkey. How many turkey sandwiches did the canteen make?
  2. There are 80 seats on a train. 75% of the seats are empty. How many empty seats are there on the train?
  3. Yesterday, there were 10 problems assigned for maths homework. Sasha did 20% of them correctly. How many problems did Sasha get right?
  4. In order to select new board members, the French club held an election. 80% of the 70 members of the club voted. How many members voted?
  5. In hopes of encouraging healthier snacks at school, Peter brought in a tray of carrot sticks and apple slices to share. The tray had a total of 100 snacks, of which 10% were carrot sticks. How many carrot sticks did Peter bring?

Remember, a lot of you found finding 10% (divide by 10), 50% (divide by 2) or 1% (divide by 100) a good place to start when answering questions like these.

Comment your answers below to earn rewards at school!

Mr Kay