A special blog post for the girls that put all of the work behind the scenes to organise high jump this afternoon; everyone had a really good time and it all started with you!

Thanks to all the teachers too, it was a great afternoon!

Next week, we have afternoon tea for parents, our class assembly and more production practice to look forward to!

Mr Kay

Robinwood Day 1: Forest Group

Bird Boxes

Building Bird Boxes

J’Maarni helped build a bird box on Thursday with Mr Walker. J’Maarni described the experience as good but hard and challenging!

Starting out. Hard at work. Getting there…The finished products!

27 & 53 – Food of the Gods… Nectar!

This week, Mrs Walker kindly helped our class cook vegetable stir fry. This was perfect, as it linked closely to our class novel – Skellig. In the book, the character – Skellig – urges Michael to bring him Chinese food!

Here are the ingredients and instructions. Please read these again, it will help you after half term…

And the pictures…

Shaza & Tia enjoying their food! Amber has sussed out using chop sticks! Oscar, Malak, Alexia & Nannette Amber & Kristina tucking in! Archie mastering the art of using chopsticks Khyra Dalia & Sehansa

J’Maarni, Hugh & Yesh tucking in!

Did you enjoy the cooking? Can you see why Skellig likes his Chinese food?

Have a fantastic half term,

Mr Kay