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Friday 11th October, 2019

Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

For home learning this week, we said to do the pages on formal and informal writing in our vocabulary, grammar and punctuation books. For Maths, please do the first page on sequences.


Spellings this week – here are some of the prefixes that we have been looking at this week. Can you come up with some great other examples?


We’ve worked on column multiplication recently, here’s some questions to have a go at:

Division to be practising:

Maths a bit tricky? Keep your brain ticking over with some addition practice:

A few of you told me about the weekend you have ahead – I hope you enjoy yourselves.

A few reminders for next week:

  • Parents’ evening is Wednesday, school closes at 13:00 (1pm).
  • PE is on Thursday afternoon.

Have a good weekend,

Mr Kay

Friday 4th October, 2019

HeHi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the new classroom as much as I am. One of my favourite lessons this week was experimenting with watercolour paints. I’ve just put up work from: Sophia, Zaid, Ophelia (and a few more). Well done on this, we shall be developing our skills further in our next Art lesson.

Congratulations Gagandeep for being Learner of the week – you have really impressed me this week, from your committment to booster and engagement in Maths lessons.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend and find some time to complete the tasks below and of course recharge your batteries! It’s Ralph’s second birthday Sunday, he says woof!

Mr Kay

Home Learning


We spoke about the role of the equals sign (=) this week. Remember, the values need to the same on each side – have a go at these, taking care with your place value:

Vocaulary, Spelling & Punctuation:

Can you create a list about your weekend? I wonder if you can add one more piece of punctuation when introducing items in your list…

Synonyms: a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language… Have a go at this SAT question:

Experimenting with watercolours gallery:


Wednesday’s Learning…

Good morning everyone,

Today I will be getting your brand new classroom ready!



Here’s what I’d like you to do:

Before Lunch:

Design a poster for Otley Chevin, it must:

  • Tell the reader at least three benefits of visiting.
  • Be eye-catching
  • Explain where Otley Chevin is
  • Mention the history
  • Explain the health benefits

You could use:

  • Google Docs
  • Use this website for cool designs

Please upload your designs to Google Classroom.

After Lunch:

Please complete:

  • Grammar Hammer x2
  • Last week’s blog work
  • Complete this survey on PE please:
  • Sumdog Challenge

If you finish…

Complete your work on Guru Nanak on Google Slides for Miss Kelly and upload to Google Classroom. Please make sure you upload it to the assignment Miss Kelly set.

To help you:

Remember, be helpful, kind and polite whilst with other teachers. I’ll be asking them all how you got on. I’m really hoping to give out rewards for fantastic behaviour!

Have a great day,

Mr Kay


Friday 20th September, 2019

Saayyy cheeessseee

Home Learning

What a lovely afternoon!

We made the most of the sunshine today and carried out our very own addition treasure hunt in Maths! We had to complete various addition questions followed by hunting for the next one around the school grounds… Great work everyone!

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

Using commas in a list was our focus this week. You even had a go at using them in your writing, telling me all about what diet your animal has. There were some rather strange diets and animals I must say!

Here’s a task for you to have a go at to help you to remember how to use them correctly. Please write your sentences in the comments section.


Here’s a question that often comes up that we said is both easy… but also EASY TO MAKE MISTAKES WITH! Remember, how many 1’s fit into the number.

Maths Addition:

Here’s some extra addition in case the Maths home learning book is a little tricky:

Have a super weekend everyone and see you next week!

Mr Kay

Our first full week in Year 6!

Home Learning is page 5 in Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling and pages 6-7 in Maths, which is Place Value and Rounding.

Otley Chevin

Otley Chevin was a great chance to stretch our legs and see all of the wonderful things we have been learning about close up. We started by seeing the brilliant rocks that we researched in topic – they have been there for millions of years! We then completed classification keys in groups, similar to those we did in class.

A short walk followed which led us to the White House Cafe, where we stopped for lunch.

After a quick pit-stop, we were faced with climbing steps to higher ground in the Chevin. Luckily, my class were well trained because of their Year 5 Malham Cove trip! Stathi was the first up the steps with his group of boys, shortly followed by myself (gasping for air).

We had a short rest and then found the exact location that an artist we have been studying – James Bywood – painted a picture:

We had a go at sketching our own pictures in the style of James Bywood, we shall be finishing them in school. I didn’t get to see them all, but was really impressed with Macauley’s effort at his picture.

The day ended by collecting vocabulary in preparation for writing at school and overlooking Otley from the ‘Surprise View’.

Here are some snaps from the day:

And here are John’s more professional photos:

A big thanks to the teachers: Miss Hall, Miss Whiteley, Mrs Bentley, Miss Burrows, Mr O and John for making the day so epic for us!


We learnt about classification keys in Science and how to sort various things. We went on a leaf hunt around the school grounds and then began carefully creating our diagrams. I was really impressed with Chloe and Lexi’s ability to do this, as well as Ibrahim in his group. The classification keys worked really well as you can see below!

Maths Arithmetic:

Please have a go at this week’s arithmetic questions. Leave me a comment with your answers!

Adding a 3-digit number to a 4-digit number (you may want to do this on scrap paper)

Adding & subtracting fractions with the same denominator (remember don’t add the denominators)

Dividing by 1… Remember to do the inverse (opposite on question 4p)

  Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling: Nouns

Noun activity 1 (please comment with the three nouns)

Noun activity 2 (please comment the correct sentence)

Have a great weekend – remember it’s our class assembly Wednesday. Parents are welcome to join us in the school cafe from 08:40 for a tea or coffee. Our assembly will be from 09:00 until 09:20.

Please drop me a comment on here… Did you enjoy this week? What was your favourite part?

Mr Kay

Welcome to Year 6!

We hope you enjoyed your first few days in Year 6 and are getting to know us as teachers.

We like to share information and pictures on our class blogs. They are also a great way to get in-touch with us if you have a question.

It would be fab if you could share some of your learning with us… Why not answer one of the arithmetic questions below!

Home learning due in on Friday 13th September.
Arithmetic question 1: Remember for question 1h, do the inverse (opposite) to calculate the missing number.

Otley Chevin

On Thursday we shall be heading to Otley Chevin. You must ask your parent to confirm your place on Parent Pay. If you have a free school meal, please put a note on your parent mail form.

We will be leaving school just after 9am.

We will be back at school for 3pm

We will wear non-school uniform (clothes good for walking, it might be wet).

The cost of the trip is £5 to pay for the coach.

Here are some pictures from today’s PE: