Not all heroes wear capes…

I just wanted to say a big thank you to our Chromebook monitors. I’ve never had a class with such good monitors. They are all plugged in and looked after. As a result, our Chromebooks are always charged and working (most of the time anyway).


We salute you Chromebook monitors!

Christmas Songs to Learn

Christmas songs to learn for our Carol Concert with Year 1 on Friday 13th December:

Little donkey –

Away in a manger –

Silent night –

Go go go go gold – https://www.youtu

O Christmas Tree – 

We wish you a merry Christmas –

Next Week…

VE Day Reminder, Wednesday 4th December @14:30 (2:30)  – Parents are invited to join us to learn a little swing dance, enjoy some Vera Lynn, hear our speeches, taste some rationing-time cookies and hear about our work from this half term.

Children are invited to wear 1940s-type clothing on Wednesday – here is some inspiration below:

Also a reminder that at 15:15 on Wednesday we have our Hope Farm Residential Meeting. This is a fantastic opportunity to ask any questions that you have and find out a little more about the centre. We will be joined by somebody from the centre.

Arts Fortnight: Week 2


We began Monday by completing a dictation. This contained speech, which is a skill we worked on last week. Eve clearly understood the rules of speech and was very confident in applying them. Our next writing task was to create a piece that included both speech and a setting description. The setting was to be a train station in London, with children being

The afternoon was challenging, challenging because we were attempting to create our own prints, which required being extremely accurate with our drawing, measuring and cutting. Our prints were for various slogans that featured on World War II propaganda posters in the 40’s. We instantly recognised ‘KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON’ due to its popularity in the last couple of years and then learnt about ‘DIG FOR VICTORY’ and ‘ZIP IT’.


During the morning, we ‘kept calm and carried on’ with our prints. There was a lovely atmosphere in the room and they are now looking a lot better. Elizabeth did a super job at her print and even moved onto adding paint.

Mrs Johnston printed out some letters which were very useful for tracing.

Stencils helped some of us with accuracy. I worked near Rohan and Saad who gave me lots of tips on how to create letters using existing ones.



We wrote our letters home as an evacuee today. We split our planning into four main paragraphs:

  1. The train journey
  2. Children on the train
  3. Queenie
  4. The rooms we stayed in

I was very impressed with Stathi and Aoki’s letters and the detail they included.


Arts Celebration Photos: