Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:

We completed two SPaG quizzes this week called ‘Grammar Hammer’s’. We listened to the famous ‘Can’t touch this song’ by MC Hammer whilst doing this to motivate us. We all danced and sang along.Therefore, we have now called this activity: MC GRAMMAR HAMMER!

After this, we noticed that we needed some practice at the Active and Passive Voice. We practised this in class and began to grasp the idea:

2:45 is a good time to watch this video from… This is similar to the explanation I gave in class. Can you create a sentence in the active voice followed by one in the passive voice?

Don’t get it still?


Active: My brother (subject) unlocked (verb/action) the door (object). Here, the subject does the action to the object.

Passive: The door was unlocked by my brother. Whereas here, the object has the action done to it by the subject.

If we can show our understanding of the active and passive voice in our writing, we are achieving a year 6 objective, which is brilliant news. Please comment your ideas!

Otley Chevin

From exploring the forest, to searching for wildlife and plants, what an unforgettable time we had in Otley Chevin Forest Park!

Here are some photos from Mr Kay’s group on the trip (more to follow):

 Jaydon, J’Maarni, Malak, Kristina and Yjesh next to a sculpture we found. We found where Ralph had his photo and were keen to recreate it!  We found a denLarge crags – really REALLY tall!   Mr Kay’s group Stopping for a quick rest after the first hill (Otley town behind) Mr Kay’s group in front of a crag with rusted iron onSunnier than expected! There is a mansion behind us that Guy Fawkes’ family own!Resting again! Discovering small cavesYear 6 in Wilson’s Wood

How did you like Otley Chevin? Is it worth saving from housing developments? Thanks for a great day and good behaviour!

Otley Chevin Route

Ralph and I visited Chevin Forest Park Saturday to check the route that 6SK and 6LM we will be walking on Thursday. It was lots of fun and great to stretch our legs:Luckily, we managed to find a route around the slippery and PAINFULLY steep steps this year! Here is the route we have planned:It was only SLIGHTLY muddy in places, as well as colder out of the shelter of trees. However, we soon got warm walking up and down the slopes and having fun looking around. Unfortunately, it is also supposed to rain on Thursday – so a waterproof coat will be needed as well as suitable footwear.

We will be stopping at the White House Cafe for lunch. Please bring a packed lunch. If you are entitled to free school meals, please make sure you have ticked this option on Parent Pay so we can prepare this for you.

09:15 – Depart from School                     09:40 – Arrive at Otley Chevin

14:35 – Depart from Otley Chevin           15:00 – Arrive at School

Please do NOT wear school uniform, but comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Walking shoes are ideal, if not some older trainers would be brilliant.

The Chevin Forest Park looks beautiful at this time of year; I know we will all have a wonderful time no matter what the weather.

Mr Kay

Our first full week in Year 6…

Hi everyone and welcome to 6SK’s Class Blog.

We communicate a lot on our blog, share our learning, use it for reminders as well as setting extra challenges. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions and I’ll make sure I read them. I’m really looking forward to a successful year in 6SK!


The children have taken a thorough interest in our class novel – Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo. We have been working on our comprehension skills putting our knowledge of what we have read to the test, whilst also predicting outcomes and summarising events and feelings of characters.

Blog Challenge: Can you improve these ‘Sick’ Sentences?

The clouds were grey. They were in the sky. The ship was broken.


So far, we have studied both Place Value its relationship with rounding. Place Value knowledge is vital for us to fully understand rounding. We have all progressed in these areas and have been keen to impress… Why not try these questions below!

Finding this difficult? Don’t worry, use this video tutorial to refresh your memory on how to round numbers:

Sumdog Progress:

Well done to Hugh the Maths wizz who successfully topped the leader board in our recent Sumdog challenge! Keep up the great work everyone!


We have completed two lessons of our Autumn 1 hockey unit in PE. Children have already developed their skill level and are grasping the basics of the game. ‘King of the Ring’ seems to be a class favourite at the moment, and the ‘Drop Stick’ game!

RE / Values:

We spoke about ‘Belonging’ this week. We discussed different families/groups that we belong to and displayed them on a crest – these look awesome!


Revisiting the learning that we have carried out in school helps us remember and master what we know.. We can do this by: completing our home learning, using our school planners well, using programmes that school pays for (Lexia, Sumdog, Reading Eggs, First News etc) and by using books/revision guides.

I will be sending home pocket sized Maths and English revision guides, as well as CGP Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) home learning books.

Parents have asked in the past about revision guides. We highly recommend the school’s subscriptions: Lexia, Reading Eggs, First News and Sumdog. These are great fun whilst extremely effective in raising attainment.

Class Assembly:

Our class assembly is Wednesday 19th, at 09:00. Please join us from 08:40 for tea and coffee in the school cafe.


Thank you for your cooperation on Parent Pay so far for our two trips: Otley Chevin and Ilkley. If your child is eligible for free school meals, please select this option via Parent Pay if you require a packed lunch.

This Week’s Home Learning:

  • New spellings
  • Lexia (30 minutes)
  • Sumdog Challenge (250 questions)
  • Blog Activities (can be completed on paper or in the comments)

Thanks for a great week and have a good weekend,

Mr Kay

Last day of school…

Today I said goodbye to 30 children. Although I knew 5LM children from their time in year 5 during PE lessons, some children I am saying goodbye to after two years of being in my class. I moved to Leeds in August 2016, and many of them have been like family seeing them day in, day out. I have learnt a great deal from all the children I have taught, and they have helped me as a teacher and person, for that I am very grateful! I know they will go on to be great at secondary school and hope the achieve to the best of their abilities.

6SK’s Parents’ Tea/Coffee afternoon was on Tuesday. It was great to catch up with you all as well as reflect on a busy year… and of course eat cake and biscuits!

On Wednesday the children performed their production: Snow White (The Roald Dahl Version) to the school, followed by parents at their graduation service at 18:00. I was proud of the children for how well they did with their production, it was really was superb. Thanks to Miss Murphy for all of the hard work in putting this together (some of it was way beyond me).

Yesterday, we visited The Forbidden Corner. This was the first time I had been to the center, and I can honestly say that it is an incredible place, with many hidden caves, mazes in woods and cool things to find along the way. I highly recommend visiting the place if you are able to get there… Also, the ice cream parlor close by is well-worth stopping at too!

Finally, today we had the Year 6 Leavers Service where we sang songs and reflected with the rest of the school through a collective worship. The children received books that will help with the transition to secondary school. We walked back to school where some pupils challenged the teachers to a football match. The teacher’s competitive side really showed – I think the children were quite shocked about how passionate the school’s teachers are about sport (maybe my class weren’t so shocked)!

I’d like to say a big thank you to all of the parents for making my time job easier and more enjoyable by being very cooperative, understanding, kind and generous; thank you for the unbelievable amount of presents you all sent in – I really am lucky and really appreciate the thought.

Have a great summer, stay safe, good luck in the transition to Year 7, and remember that all of the teachers love to hear from past students and are always here should you need anything at all.

Mr Kay

Friday 8th June, 2018

With the World Cup starting in Russia on Thursday, fans around the world are beginning to get excited – but who do you think will win the tournament?

Think about:

  • Three clear reasons, backing up your points with facts or opinions from experts (pundits or ex players).
  • Teams with the best players.
  • Teams with a good World Cup Histoy