Friday 11th January, 2019

Well done this week everyone, you all made it into school… Even though I know it was difficult to get up, especially after Christmas. I really enjoyed our first week in our new classroom – how did you find it? Here are the tasks you need to complete – let’s go for it this term!

Home Learning:

Maths Reasoning: Adding:

Think like a detective as you read this question… What do you notice? What are the important parts? What do you know about liters and milliliters? If someone uses something, or spends it, or takes it away, which operation is it (add/subtract/multiply/divide)? This is a little easier. Can you use a bar model for this second question? Be careful with your place value. Double check your answer:


We spoke about this today – remember to find a common denominator before adding these fractions. Start with the smallest denominator and see if you find a common multiple:

For 30o and 30p:

Remember that dividing by 4 means you are dividing into 4 parts. So you can write the 4 as 1/4 (you are dividing into quarters.

Your question then reads: 1/30 ÷ 1/4

To solve the question from here:

  • Multiply the numerators
  • Multiply the denominators
  • Simplify (if you possible)


Learning these spellings will set you up nicely for the Summer. Don’t panic and try to learn them all at once… Pick 10, practise them and then try another 10 the next day.

Please practise the spellings as much as you can. There are lots, but  and begin to work through your Lexia units,

Have a good weekend,

Mr Kay

Online Safety Reminders

Thank you so much for the lovely presents – I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, laughed lots, ate lots and have been enjoying sleeping in!

Because we aren’t in school, some of you may be playing more games online. Please, please, PLEASE remember to stay safe online whilst on your devices… Whether it’s an Xbox, Playstation, Computer or app on a phone. Here are my top tips:

  • Save the messages – you can show them to an adult you trust
  • Never give out personal details – your phone number, home address or which school you go to could be used to find you
  • Don’t reply to nasty messages – this might encourage them to send more
  • Report it – if you are being bullied on a social networking site such as Facebook, you can report it on the website

I’m sure you are all very sensible, but please be careful online!

See you Monday in our brand new classroom… Make sure you’re on time… We shall be doing something fun 🙂

Mr Kay

Thursday 20th December, 2018

Wow, the first term has just flown by and soon… it’ll be 2019! I wonder how long it will take me to stop writing 2018 on the board when we return to school? Thanks for all of your help with moving rooms, it turned a tough job into a fun one and I can’t wait to see you all there next year.

Home Learning:

We spoke about the importance of completing our home learning over the holidays. Please make sure you complete the tasks for the first Friday back (11th January):

Writing Club

If you received a letter, then you are part of the exciting writing club that will be happening in the new year with Mrs Johnston. Here are the details:


Here is another one of those cool SPaG tasks I like:

Year 5-6 Recommended Word List: Spellings to Learn

Please make sure you know as many of these spellings as possible. We shall carry on learning different spelling rules each week, but these are some suggested to learn by the Department for Education:


Please make sure you complete the arithmetic. As an additional challenge, why not try adding and multiplying items on a shopping list? 28o: True or false… 6.9 x 20 =138?

My Top Tips:

  • Use rounding! For example, if the question was 3.8 x 6, you can say that 3.8 is basically (rounded to the nearest whole number) 4, so 4 x 6 = 24… so if I end up with an answer of 228, I can safely say that I may have got my place value muddled up! 22.8 would be on the correct lines!
  • Some people like to make the decimal into a whole number by multiplying by 10, 100, 1000 etc to begin with. For Example, with 13.7 x 41, you could multiply 13.7 by 10 to get 137, then multiply 137 by 41, followed by dividing your answer by 10 at the end.
  • Don’t forget to put the decimal point in during your calculations! Again, you could use a rounded answer to check where to put it.
  • Still stuck? I wouldn’t teach it exactly like this, but here is a useful video with a trick in it that tells you how many decimal places the product/answer needs:

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year… Thank you so much for the gifts you bought me. See you all in the new year!

Mr Kay

Robin Wood Info / Arithmetic Help

A few of you have been in touch about the Robin Wood details. Here is the original letter that was sent out with the basic information.

Extra information – including what to bring – will be given to you closer to the time.

Arithmetic HELP: 25o & 25p

I would draw a pizza split into 72 pieces, shading in 65 of those pieces if I was at school! But here is the method you can use for this calculation, please read it step by step, taking your time to understand: …multiple not mulliple… whoops!

Hope this helps. Don’t forget, if you need help – just comment. I’ll then read it and post some tips.

Don’t forget to try the SPaG as well as the tasks on Miss Cook’s Reading Blog.

Mr Kay


Friday 14th December, 2018

Shaza’s WWII Presentation:

I love it when you do extra learning at home. It also makes me pleased that our topic is motivating you to find out more. Here is a presentation that Shaza created at home:



You’ve completed many question on adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. Remember:

  1. Notice what operation it is (add, subtract, multiply or divide).
  2. Work out a common denominator (common multiple).
  3. Start with the lowest number: go up in the 9 times tables, maybe you’ll find a multiple of 9 that is a multiple of 72.
  4. REMEMBER… Whatever you had to do to the denominator, do to the NUMERATOR!
  5. Complete the question.

You can all do column multiplication now. First, multiply the 7, 6 and 3 by the 6 ones. PLEASE remember, that when you get to the second part of the question, you are multiplying by 4 tens, not 4 ones. For that reason, do not forget the place holder. Take care adding up at the end.


I really like this as a SPaG task. ‘Word classes’ is a fancy name for saying: “What type of word is this?” … For example:

I ate the strawberry ice cream.

Verb: ate

Determiner: the

Adjective: strawberry

Nouns: I & ice cream

Challenge: I’m sure you could identify the underlined words… But what were the other word classes? E.g. flowers – noun, attract – verb.

Catch you next week,

Mr Kay

Friday 7th December, 2018


I’m over the moon that we achieved 100% attendance again this week – Well done everyone. Overall, we tend to catch more colds and illnesses in the winter, but you all made sure you came into school. Remember, every day you are here, is another day full of learning.

Let’s go for it again next week!

Christmas Carols

Our Christmas service is on Tuesday and we have been practising the songs we shall be singing. We still need to work on ‘Joy to the World’. Here is the link:

Home Learning:

The 20 spellings set for home learning this week are from our SPaG test this week. Please practise them, spelling scores have been a lot lower the past few weeks:


Remember that = means the same as. So what multiplied by itself (squared) add 80 equals 105?

25o: Firstly, multiply the whole number by the denominator (6×4=24), then adding the numerator (24+1) = 25/4. Do the same to the second value (3×5=15+1) = 16/5…

…So the new question is 25/4 – 16/5

Remember to make the denominators the same… And whatever you do to the denominator, do to the numerator!


Today, Mr Moore showed me a website to practise spellings on – it’s ridiculously good! Here is the link:

Make sure you paste this into your internet browser, select Years 5&6 and off you go!

Identify the subject, object and verb in the sentences below:

  1. Aaliyah passed the rugby ball.
  2. Musa combed his hair.
  3. Shaza rode her scooter.

Which of these sentences are written in the active voice? How about the passive voice?

  1. The oven was undone by the cook.
  2. Without warning, Elijah hit the tennis ball.
  3. Delighted and pleased, Mr Kay ate the pizza.
  4. The door was unlocked by Nannette.

Keep working hard, please revise (revisit) what we have learnt at school at home. This will help you remember. I appreciate all of your blog comments; it has a good impact on your learning.

We had great day today! Have a good weekend,

Mr Kay

Friday 30th November, 2018


The Leeds Sumdog Competition starts today and finishes next Thursday. We shall be competing against other schools in attempt to be crowned Sumdog champions!

Image result for sumdog

Dodge ball:

This week we were crowned dodge ball champions, here are some photos:

Visit the PE blog for more 🙂

Malak’s Swimming Achievement:

Malak successfully swam 1 mile at her swimming practice. This is a fantastic achievement! We spoke about how far a mile is and how hard it is to swim that far.

Well done Malak!

Home Learning:


Remember to line the digits up correctly. Top tip: You can write the 7 as 7.0 nothing in the first question as it means 7 point nothing (seven and nothing else).

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Challenge:

  1. Use the word score in a sentence as a noun.
  2. Use the word score in a sentence as a verb.
  3. Use the determiners: ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ correctly in the sentences below:

I ate ….. apple at break time.

Can you please pass me ….. ball over there?

I am having ….. nap because I’m tired.

Inference: Read like a Detective!

His mother woke him as usual that morning, shaking his shoulder and then kissing him gently as he rolled over. It was pitch black around him, but then he was used to that by now. For months they had slept down in the cellar on the bunks his father had made the last time he was home on leave…

  • What do I notice?
  • What does that tell me about…?
  • I wonder if this means…
  • Maybe this could mean…

Have a good rest and see you Monday,

Mr Kay

Friday 16th November, 2018

Children in Need & Anti-Bullying:

This week was Anti-Bullying week and Children in Need. We completed three lessons for Anti-Bullying week on:

  1. Bullying in Social Media & Digital Footprints
  2. Meanness in Sport
  3. The importance of respect (creating chants and raps)



We spoke a lot about meanness in sport. Sometimes it can be just a joke and not harmful, but sometimes it can make people upset. It is important that we are tough and show resilience in these situations, but also know when it is time to tell an adult.

What do you need to do? Create at least 5 sentences writing as one of the three footballers we discussed:

Peter Crouch: Peter is a successful English footballer, who has played for many clubs in England including Liverpool and Tottenham. He has even played for England! He is over 2 meters tall, which gives him an advantage in many parts of the game such as heading the ball from a corner.

Although Crouch is resilient with name calling, he has experienced it throughout his career, especially when he started out as a player. He does not mind the occasional joke – but too much can be upsetting for him and his family… We all know how annoying a joke that gets old is!

John Barnes: John Barnes moved to England from Jamaica as a teenager. To begin with, it was difficult for him as he was judged by his ethnicity. Luckily, John let his football do the talking which made his friends begin to accept him as part of the gang.

John went on to play for Liverpool and England! He is very aware of the racism that goes on in sport. John does not play anymore, but he often helps younger players that have been the victim to racism and speaks out to the world about this. He is often on TV talking about football – watch out for him.

Juninho Paulista: Juninho, or nicknamed ‘The Little Fella’ by Middlesbrough fans is from Brazil. He does not play anymore but made a HUGE impact when he moved from Brazil to England to play for Middlesborugh in 1995. Juninho was VERY skillful and a handful for the other teams because of his incredible talent. Unfortunately, he was picked on by players from different teams because of his size. People were often very rough with him and made lots of bad tackles against him.

Thanks to Mr Magnall’s help, I’ve made a slideshow of all of the useful sentences you could use below. You may want to write your sentences out on paper before you comment, so that you can see which sentence type you are using.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck – winners announced next Friday!

Home Learning:


We shall be playing some chess soon, why not refresh on the rules and top tips? This is a useful website:

Chess For Kids


802 = What does this mean?!?!

Have a great weekend – some great attitudes this week,

Mr Kay