Bird Boxes

Building Bird Boxes

J’Maarni helped build a bird box on Thursday with Mr Walker. J’Maarni described the experience as good but hard and challenging!

Starting out. Hard at work. Getting there…The finished products!

27 & 53 – Food of the Gods… Nectar!

This week, Mrs Walker kindly helped our class cook vegetable stir fry. This was perfect, as it linked closely to our class novel – Skellig. In the book, the character – Skellig – urges Michael to bring him Chinese food!

Here are the ingredients and instructions. Please read these again, it will help you after half term…

And the pictures…

Shaza & Tia enjoying their food! Amber has sussed out using chop sticks! Oscar, Malak, Alexia & Nannette Amber & Kristina tucking in! Archie mastering the art of using chopsticks Khyra Dalia & Sehansa

J’Maarni, Hugh & Yesh tucking in!

Did you enjoy the cooking? Can you see why Skellig likes his Chinese food?

Have a fantastic half term,

Mr Kay

My Mini Maths IQ Question Challenge!

Maths Tasks




Skellig’s Garage Introduction Task

Please have a go at writing your own introduction… These need to be your best work. Again, on the blog is fine!

Skellig Questions

  1. What do you think of the story so far?
  2. Who are the main characters?
  3. Tell me something about one of the characters…
  4. Who/what do you think Skellig is and why?
  5. Make a prediction about the story…


Have a go at some Year 6 to Year 7 My Mini Maths:

Year 6 to 7 Transition

Choose one day to complete

Best behaviour please,

Mr Kay