12 thoughts on “MATHSMATHSMATHS!

  1. Mr Kay. Unfortunately every time that i log in it will take me back to 1 session out of 50. When i know that i did do 10 sessions yesterday and whenever i login to do 10 extra sessions it will always take me bact to 1 session game. Please can you try to fix it.
    Thanks, Zahra

  2. Mr Kay, I am so close to finishing Lexia Power Up. I finished Word Study and Grammar before the school closed down, but I did not know when to tell you.
    Also, I am on the last level of Comprehension, which means when I finish that I have finished Lexia Power Up! Finally, when I go on to ttrockstars it does not show
    how many sessions I have done and so I do not know if I have finished them or not
    ( I went on my phone to do tt and that is when I saw my sessions were not there, so
    then I tried on my Mum’s laptop and it was still the same!)

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