Harry Potter Night

What a magical night it was!

Hogwarts welcomed many young witches and wizards to the castle last night to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. Instead of the traditional 4 houses children were sorted into the four contestants: Cedric, Victor, Fleur and Harry.

The children took part in 4 challenges: retrieving golden eggs from the terrifying reading dragon; concocting gillyweed bath-bombs to test out in their own home lakes; a quest through the maze for the Triwizard cup and time spent in the castle aviary with the owls.

Amongst allegations of magical trickery with the housepoints… team Viktor were crowned the winners of the Tournament!

Only 365 days until the next one…!!


1 thought on “Harry Potter Night

  1. Looks like a fantastic night was had by all! Thanks so much to the teachers for organising an amazing experience for the kids.

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