Friday 20th September, 2019

Saayyy cheeessseee

Home Learning

What a lovely afternoon!

We made the most of the sunshine today and carried out our very own addition treasure hunt in Maths! We had to complete various addition questions followed by hunting for the next one around the school grounds… Great work everyone!

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

Using commas in a list was our focus this week. You even had a go at using them in your writing, telling me all about what diet your animal has. There were some rather strange diets and animals I must say!

Here’s a task for you to have a go at to help you to remember how to use them correctly. Please write your sentences in the comments section.


Here’s a question that often comes up that we said is both easy… but also EASY TO MAKE MISTAKES WITH! Remember, how many 1’s fit into the number.

Maths Addition:

Here’s some extra addition in case the Maths home learning book is a little tricky:

Have a super weekend everyone and see you next week!

Mr Kay

12 thoughts on “Friday 20th September, 2019

    • Olivia
      In my school bag I have, a pen, pencil and ruler.

      When I went to the zoo I saw, an elephant, lions and tigers.

      Some of my favourite hobbies are , gymnastics,cheerleading and trampolining.



  1. My mini maths
    question 1) 12,884
    Question 2) 5,873
    Question 3)1,939
    Question 4)7,180
    Question 5)854
    Question 6)57704
    Question 7)12866
    Question 8)2898

  2. Task 2
    a, In my school bag i have a planner,book,pencil case and a water bottle.
    b,When i went to the zoo, i saw a gorilla,chicken and a snake.
    c,Some of my favourite hobbies are football,dancing and maths.

  3. Question 1. 13,424
    Question 2. 6413
    Question 3. 1939
    Question 4. 7180
    Question 5. 854
    Question 6. 57,704
    Question 7. 12,866
    Question 8. 2898

  4. a) In my school bag I have a hat, gloves, a reading book, homework books and my planners.
    b) When I went to the zoo I saw a lion, tiger, elephant, snake, monkey and giraffe.
    c) Som of my favourite hobbies are football, basketball and cricket.
    6082 divided by 1 = 6082
    935 divided by 1 = 935

  5. 1. 6082
    2. 935
    3. In my school bag I have my planner, pencil case and my water bottle.
    4. When I went to the zoo I saw a tiger, a lion and some wolves.
    5. Some of my favourite hobbies are reading , drawing and arts and crafts.

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