3 thoughts on “Saturday SPaG Revision

  1. 1.The wolf pack was ripped to pieces by the bull elk’s carass.
    2.Let’s go to see the new Harry Potter film; it’s been well reviewed. You shouldn’t be late or you’ll miss the opening titles. We’re going to love it!
    3.The pedestrian was blown over by the gale.(Option 1)
    4.He’ll be here at 4 o’ clock.
    My two sons are very different from one an another.
    My new house is similar to my old one.
    The lake was deep compared with the river that fed it.

  2. The wolf pack ripped the bull elk’s carcass.

    Let’s, it’s. Shouldn’t, you’ll. We’re.

    The pedestrian was blown over by the gale.

    at, from, to, with.

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