Thursday 1st March – ‘Chilly’ Challenges


Challenge yourself to a descriptive piece of writing:

  1. A short recount from the snow or school’s perspective over the last couple of days. What’s their side of the story? How do they feel?
  2. A setting description of what it looks like out of your window or somewhere close to your home. You could include: adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors or personification. 

Still stuck? Use the Alan Peat sentence types from older posts on the blog to get you started. You could also use iSPACE Openers to start you off:


You have each been set one Reading Eggs assignment.


  1. Last Wednesday, students could choose ham or turkey sandwiches for lunch. The canteen made 72 sandwiches in all, 25% of which were turkey. How many turkey sandwiches did the canteen make?
  2. There are 80 seats on a train. 75% of the seats are empty. How many empty seats are there on the train?
  3. Yesterday, there were 10 problems assigned for maths homework. Sasha did 20% of them correctly. How many problems did Sasha get right?
  4. In order to select new board members, the French club held an election. 80% of the 70 members of the club voted. How many members voted?
  5. In hopes of encouraging healthier snacks at school, Peter brought in a tray of carrot sticks and apple slices to share. The tray had a total of 100 snacks, of which 10% were carrot sticks. How many carrot sticks did Peter bring?

Remember, a lot of you found finding 10% (divide by 10), 50% (divide by 2) or 1% (divide by 100) a good place to start when answering questions like these.

Comment your answers below to earn rewards at school!

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11 thoughts on “Thursday 1st March – ‘Chilly’ Challenges

  1. It’s been hard handling the snow over the past few days.Clearing the snow is like ploughing roads.Now we’re forced to close the school.This has gone too far.
    We are very angry and annoyed ,because of the silly snow.

    Outside in the garden, there was snow at least 15 cm deep.It’s like Narnia!
    The snow was pure white.In the night, the light reflects off of the snow.






  2. Near by my house is a field with little green spikes sprouting from the uneven terrain {grass]. The snow is even, soft and freezing cold.

  3. 1.) 25 percent of 72 is 18.

    2.) 75 percent of 80 is 60.

    3.) 20 percent of 10 is 2.

    4.) 80 percent of 70 is 56.

    5.) 10 percent of 100 is 10.

  4. Chilly Challenge

    Not snow again! The freezing cold white powder bites on my bricky walls.But they is one good thing about snow is that people can’t come to school and at play time they go outside to play to have fights with it. Unfortunately the children are horrible throwers.They miss each other and the snow goes on me. Snow has it’s bad and good reasons even though it still drips of me when it melt and I get soaked in water ans slush.

  5. Out of my window, I see a frosty, icy ground that is covered in 2 inchs of white, powdery snow. The road is covered in slushy brown icy in lines of people’s car’s tyres’s.

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