Friday 19th October, 2018 (Evening)

After an exciting week of learning, two parent evenings, four football matches and one Sumdog competition, I arrived back at school to this… What a lovely surprise!

Thank you SOOO much for the brownies Ria, they are exactly what I needed. I ate one just now and it was delicious – don’t get any ideas Ralph. I also got some treats sent in from Shaza and Alexia – it’s really thoughtful (and delicious of course).

Some extra (EXTRA) learning you can have a go at:

I posted a week or so ago about ‘relative’ and ’embedded‘ clauses. We did some brilliant work on these today and I think you are all grasping the idea.

Why not create your sentences below, to see if you can remember how to do them. Here are some pictures you could write about:

Idea 1:Idea 2:Image result for spidermanIdea 3:Related imageIdea 4:

Related image

Catch you all on Monday,

Mr Kay


Friday 19th October, 2018


The sun was out this afternoon, so we took the opportunity to enjoy a spot of Gardening… Alexia and Amber weeding.We found an onion! Amber weeding again.Tia, Joshua, Hugh and Sehansa Planting onions.

Thanks Mrs Wake, we really enjoyed it!



Thanks for all of your positive comments about the Tom Palmer visit. He even left us a comment:

Please keep recording your reading in your planners; we should have them in school EVERY day. I listen to you read and check your planners as much as I can. Thursday is our library day, where I reward you for house points for home reading.

Home Learning:

Maths Arithmetic:

Fairly simple questions this week – make sure you try them. You can definitely do the inverse (opposite) to check:

What did you learn this week? What is a prime number? What is a composite number? Did you learn anything about sentence clauses?

Have an awesome weekend,

Mr Kay

Author Visit: Tom Palmer

We were lucky enough to have one of my favourite authors visit our school this morning – Tom Palmer!

Tom Palmer, who is from Leeds, is a successful children’s author. He is passionate about creating children’s stories that contain sport and history.

Tom said “When I write a story, I like to use real objects to help me.” Tom then  showed us lots of different objects he has from the Second World War!

The session was split into sections:

  • 1. Discussing people’s favourite books, newspapers and magazines.
  • A quiz.
  • A PowerPoint containing Tom’s ideas for his new book.
  • A Penalty shoot-out!
  • A writing session

To find out more about Tom Palmer, visit:

Thanks for for visiting us Tom and thank you for organising Miss Whiteley!

Macbeth by 5RA

Today, I was lucky enough to see 5RA perform Macbeth at the Carriageworks.As I entered the theatre, I realised how big an event this was going to be, with many parents and teachers taking their seats.

I reminded myself of the Macbeth story… Witches, prophecies and battles – what’s not to like? Now I was excited!

5RA’s performance was incredible. I really enjoyed:

  • How confident everyone was on stage.
  • How well everyone projected their voices; I could here what was said clearly from tier 3!
  • Macbeth and how well he remembered his lines.
  • The witches performances – they stayed in character remarkably well.
  • The final battle scene and the passion surrounding it (this gave all of the teachers goosebumps).

Mrs Bentley said “What an AMAZING performance… truly stunning!”

Well done 5RA, your dedication and teamwork paid off in what was an outstanding performance. Thanks Mr Ash, Mrs Burrows, Miss Murphy and everyone that helped out.

Author Visit: Amy Wilson

The children’s author Amy Wilson visited us this afternoon. She spoke about her childhood, her personal life and her books.

Amy’s books combine adventure and magic!

 For more information on Amy and her books, visit:

Thursday 11th October, 2018

I had to post on our blog tonight as I’m very proud of all of your commitment to learning today. Our writing is coming along nicely in IPEELL – I can’t wait for you to start your Otley Chevin leaflets and brochures tomorrow! What’s more is, PE was great once again. Your hockey skills have developed so much. Miss Murphy was also very proud of you in RE. We are on 100% attendance this week so far, I wonder whether we’ll make it two weeks in a row?

Behaviour and alertness in class is getting better by the day; this made me think of one of my favourite people in education, Michael Rosen. Michael jokes about teachers in class and is famous for his performance poetry:

Michael LOVES to use repetition in his poems and is very animated, dramatic and enthusiastic. He is perhaps most famous for his ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ performance. Maybe we’ll get to do some Michael Rosen inspired performance poems this year…

…Below is the home learning that is due in next Friday (not tomorrow).

Home Learning:SPaG:

We spoke about relative clauses and embedded clauses, as well as having a go at writing them. Here is some info that about them, which explains it very well:

Maths Arithmetic: Take your time with these – can you do the inverse to check them?Inference Task:

Here is a passage of text from Born to Run. What inferences can you infer? Comment below!


Image result for science

Some children have been doing Science experiments at home and sharing them with me – which I really appreciate. Miss Judge has recommended this exciting website for Science experiments:

  • Next week there are Parent Consultations.
  • The author Tom Palmer is visiting Tuesday!
  • Don’t forget PE Tuesday and Thursday.
  • We are having a Sumdog competition from Monday to Friday.

Thanks for all of your answers and comments on the class blog,

Mr Kay

‘Pass-it-on messages’

Unfortunately, there have been some horrible ‘pass-it-on messages’ going around in social media. Pass-it-on messages are made to make (or pressure) you to send them on to other people. The messages can make you really worry about things.

Are the rumours true? Can bad things happen if I do not send the messages on?


They might seem real, but sending the messages on will only make YOU and OTHER people worry. People have only made them up to make you send them on.

What should I do?

If you are worried about these messages – please speak to a parent, carer or myself about them.

Remember, that we are here to help you. Don’t worry and PLEASE speak to an adult!

Ilkley Literature Festival, 2018

We had a brilliant day in Ilkley Friday! All 30 of 6SK travelled to Ilkley yesterday, to take part in the Emma Carroll author event as well as the Literature Festival trail around the town. Here are some photos of our day: Emma Carroll – King’s Hall. Ghaziyah meeting Emma Carroll, getting her book signed.6SK with Emma Carroll – King’s Hall. Making the most of our shelter from the rain!Starting out on our ‘Mr Men’ hunt. Working as a team, using our maps.Finding more clues… Great map reading at this point, with lots of direction decisions to make.Following our maps well and recording our clues on our rather soggy sheets of paper.Finding the next clue. Is the clue indoors?Hunting for the Mr Men. The rain got worse!It’s raining but we are having fun! We found it!6SK at King’s Hall, Ilkley.

Well done – everyone worked very well together today and you didn’t let the rain bother you at all. Fingers crossed that we will get a break from the rain during our next trip!

Did you enjoy today? What was your favourite part? Did you learn anything?

Mr Kay

6SK’s Multiplication Challenge!

Here are the results from this week’s Sumdog Competition. Congratulations to Elijah for winning our competition and to Yjesh and Ria for achieving second and third place 🙂

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm with this competition – it has been great to follow your progress on this during the week. Every member of our class logged in and had a go at this competition. Certificates and prizes to be given out on Monday.

Mr Kay

Friday 5th October, 2018


We had 100% attendance this week. Attendance has a huge impact on our learning, so we should all be extremely happy about this. I will take you for some extra play-time next week – don’t miss it!

Harvest Prayers!Related imageMiss Mason has challenged Year 6  to writing 5 Harvest prayers. Comment an idea for your prayer below; the winners will get to read theirs out during service!

REMEMBER: it has to be about Harvest.

Think about why we are thankful and what we are thankful for. Does kindness come into it? Who should we be thankful to?

Home Learning:

From looking on Thursday during library time, I can that some children are using their planners extremely well. Some children explained that they had read but not recorded this in their planners. Please use your planner as much as possible to track your progress during the week and gain rewards at school 🙂

Maths Arithmetic:

  • Remember to do the inverse for question 5p (4 x something = 72). If you get REALLY stuck, you could list your 4 times tables down on some scrap paper.
  • Line place value up correctly for 6o and 6p.

We saw some awesome improvements in Maths this week – especially from Josh, Elijah and Sehansa with their contributions to the lessons, answering a lot more questions!

SPaG Question to try… You may need to research some of these words – it’s good practice to record these in your school planners.

Make sure you check your comments before clicking send 🙂

See you all on Monday, where we shall be going for 100% attendance again.

Mr Kay